Last message or last quote, whatever you may very well call it

In the beginning, you have everything, later change happens and, change hurts, finally being prepared for the events is everything.

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I was all unaware of changes in my Adulthood during 18 19 so i suffered a huge setback still lament …!!!

Hey way how are u …Do u take med…!!!..???

Not taking anti psychotics, I’m okay but my presence of mind is worst, I am getting too many delusions. Because of nootropics I took in the recent past my brain got upgraded and I’m able to survive, without nootropics my intelligence would have never improved and without proper intelligence I would fail very very bad. Now, I’m far better than what I’m supposed to be, I am supposed to be worse. Nootropics changed everything. It’s true I’m still a loser but, not a complete loser. I started taking All 9 M Tablets, I am taking 2 tablets everyday and this is second day. I’m hoping for a better health.

This is not my last topic, just last creativity post/message/quote.