Last 6 hours talking to a wall

This hasn’t happened in 2 years. I was heavily grieving a parent and started hearing voices that where men maybe my nieghbors hanging out and asking me questions Bout the content of my thought while intermittently saying really derogatory requests. I thought and maybe it was true, I’m still not convinced they were not actually there, I think they might have been, I hope not. Talking through or to the wall. I left the house cause I thought I heard him on the phone calling in a psychiatric emergency, so yes I left. When I left and got outta the store my “commander” ( not so much with commands but like captain of the ship) talking to me via like light/tube of light from above giving me good instruction in finding a nice spot to sit for a while mostly away from public. Quite here. I’m in tears just cause of everything. Anyways just needed to vent. I have forgotten this mess lol…I really hope it wasn’t real people asking me those questions or requests. I’m sure though if it was real they would say no because they already know I will except that as a truth cause I really dont know if what I hear is real or a hallucination. It frustrating not to know and I feel like I could or am being played over cause they can do that and basically get away with it.

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