Las Vegas shooter had SMI

The authorities are now saying the Las Vegas shooter may have had a serious mental illness. One thing that lead them to that conclusion is he would lay in bed moaning. I remember vividly being stuck in a crappy mental hospital with white walls. During the time at the mental hospital all I did was stay in bed with intrusive thoughts and trying to block them. I wasn’t moaning, but I was pretty close to. Has anybody laid in bed and moaned due to mental illness?

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He was a psychopath.

I don’t think we are sure on that. His dad was definitely one, but possibly not him. I don’t think he would have sent his GF 100k if he was a psychopath. If my understanding is correct psychopaths don’t have feelings. Then again, there are many psychopaths who never commit crimes.

This is sad.

During one of my hospitalization there was a woman moaning like that for at least 4 hours until they took her up a level to the special section. I stayed there 2 nights though. Agh what a horrible experience.

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Who knows, we may find out he had a brain tumor, if he didn’t destroy his brain completely in the suicide.

Something was not right, one way or another.

Psychopaths have feelings, but they lack empathy.

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Most well-adjusted people don’t mow down 59 strangers with a rifle. I suspected he might have a had a couple of issues.


I remember when I was having really bad, constant auditory and olfactory hallucinations, I remember moaning, and crying even.

There are sociopaths… who totally lack any consideration for others.

Then there are psychopaths… which is a lot more blurred, because people always jump the gun and slander people with the label.

Google defines it as:
a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior… so in this case the shooter.

There is also criminal psychopathology… which is not that far away from viral pathology… or any other pathogen… that has a pathology behind it which studies how it managed to take effect in the sufferer.

So a psychopath… is actually a potential subject under criminal psychopathology. Meaning that they have tendencies toward criminal and they should be studied!..

It’s all the blanket of ignorance that many well intended individuals feel… good people who are well taken care of and stay away from drugs don’t do bad things… might be true… but it’s a very blurred line.

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