Laptop Desk suggestion?

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Hello, guys. I’m a fresh enough here and going to buy my first laptop
desk. Can you help me? After dozens of reviews, decided to buy SONGMICS.
What can you say? Does anybody here use it? Share your experience,
please, or recommend another good model. Or can I show you a review and
ask for a piece of advice, please?Thanks in advance!

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Laptop Desk? I thought you were asking for suggestion on laptop computer.

I am not even sure what is it. :sunglasses:

Anything should work really… My laptop sits on a square meter dining table… in the past I had a couple short filing cabinets with a wide board resting over them.

It’s not a life or death situation. Just get something that is the right height for you keeping the chair you’ll be using in mind. Then just go for what visually pleases you. You can never get enough drawers.

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