Languages and which do you like dislike

What’s your favorite and which do you dislike the most and why…

Icelandic or Finnish I think are my favorites…veekings plus they sound is rich and deep…my ears like deep sounds over high sounds naturally anyway

And least favorite is French…its very nasally…and kinda high…I get headaches from higher noises…even vocals of songs…so nothing particular against it…it just hurts my ears…and its a little stuffy sounding…

I like PERL , I dislike C, and I’m lukewarm on JAVA. Heh computer joke. :floppy_disk:


Good joke they are languages though so it works bonus points awarded …lol


Francais… c’est du langue d’amour mon ami

I like Arabic - it is very difficult to learn but the literature is amazing =)

Never really thought about any language I like though.

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My native language is persian, I love english, arabic, francais, turkish, indian, japanese… literally all. It depends more on the mood of a person who speaks a language than the language itself I think.

I hate Japanese. I hate English sometimes.

I love Spanish.

Dislike German. Always sounds like someone is trying to clear clogged sinuses. I love French, partly because I speak it and also because it’s the language of love.

Bien sûr.