Lamotrogine and a rash/fungus


I believe lamotrogine can cause a fungus from what ive been told.

I have 2 rashes on my inside thighs near my johnson.

Could this be a sign, i went to the the gp and he said it was a common infection but he didnt know about the lamotrogine.

Should i tell my pdoc. It would be akward showing her as i would have to pull down my rods.


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Yeah I hate having to show my psychiatrist any physical stuff. Feels weird.

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The Lamital Rash can be very serious, that is why they start people on a low dose and increase it slowly.

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Holy sheet.

Im stopping it right now

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Mine isnt that bad but now im convinced that its giving me a rash

I skipped my dose tonight, tomorrow ill tell my pdoc its causing a rash

I always want to pass along what my pdoc told me. If you miss 4 or more days of lamotrigine, you will need to start all over with the titrating up should you continue to take it. You can’t just start taking the same dose again.

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