Lamotrigine. Anyone use this as a primary medication?

Has anyone ever taken Lamotrigine as a primary medication? I am very sensitive to side effects, very. And this has been the only medication I can use and that has been helpful so far

It’s the primary medication that I’m on for psychiatric issues also.

Thank you. Its the only med that helps me but now its being suggested by docs that I’m not bipolar but instead presenting as schizophrenia. What confuses is why a seizure med works. It was siggested by one that maybe it helps with the anxiety.

I take it too. It causes cognitive issues but overall I think it’s a good med. you should thank your lucky stars if it works for you. It’s a whole lot better than having to take antipsychotics

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I have to agree. Since I’m Schizoaffective I’ve experienced the full range of mood stabilizers (Lamictal being one of them) and a lot of antipsychotics. Mood stabilizers are definitely better! Be glad it works for you. If they do decide to put you on an antipsychotic just fight for them to let you stay on Lamictal as well, as the combination usually works well for most people. Watch out for Risperdal and Invega as they can cause very significant weight gain.

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@MeghillaGorilla1 @Sooner88

Thanks. I agree. I love Lamotrigine very few side effects.
Whats weird for me is that the more Lamotrigine I have been on, the more imrpoved my cognitive issues were.
When the word antipsychotics was used by Dr, I shuttered. I am someone who values medication, and without Lamotrigine I am sure I would be unable to live with my family. Its bad.
But, because of the field I work in, I have seen the negative effects of antipsychotics. |Would still take them if I had to.

Can I ask if you know if Lamotrigine ever used as a primary med for schizophrenia?

No, it isn’t. In sz it’s as an add on for a co-morbid mood disorder

Thats what I thought. Usually for schizoaffective… interesting. So I will see what my reg psychiatrist has to say. The med is very helpful for me. Ever since i am maxed on the med especially but now I seem to be losing my hair again. Does schizoaffective has bad negative symptoms? jsut curious. maybe I should post in another topic.
enjoy your day

Some do, some don’t. I don’t have them very bad, I have serious depressions though, that have bad negative symptoms associated with it. So when I’m down, the negs are worse.

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Lamictal is a mood stabilizer that is actually better at treating depression than mania. SOMETIMES it is used to treat symptoms of depression. So it’s sometimes used in people with Schizophrenia who have some depression or negative symptoms, though I don’t know how well it works for that.

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Thanks. Yeah I feel like every little thing is a hell of a lot of work. Everything is a push, everything.

it gave me a psychosis as in 1 in 100000 people who use it, it’s on the side effect profile

now i need to take forced anti psychotics abilify to combat the lamictal psychosis

took me to a ride to the E.R for a months, was severely psychotic

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in other words it ruined my life

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It sounds like you have bipolar disorder if you respond so well to lamictal. I was told I had schizoaffective but now am told I have bipolar disorder, you’d be suprised at how crazy bipolar disorder can make somebody

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sorry for the late reply
Yeah I do wonder. Bipolar can cause cognitive and manic psychosis. Cognitive etc. My episodes of acute illness last weeks to months. Oh well, to see what the Dr’s say at next appt. MRI is clear so that’s good. Once I have a firm diagnosis then all is well. Just helpful to get some answers in the meantime about questions swirling in my head. Thanks again

Sorry to hear about the effect it had.