Lamictal or mood stabilizer

I’m diagnosed borderline personality ,paranoid personality was diagnosed schzioaffective. I was o n in Vega which helped stabilize mood. I was also on gabapentin which can help mood swings irritability . I’m on neither now. Not officially diagnosed ache but on straterra which also realizes nerephreine and can help mood also. I looked up trying mood stabilizer in articular I was interested in lamictal . I’m of bipolar but could this help have you tried mood stsbilizer

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I’m on lamictal.
It’s a good mood regulator.
It is especially prescribed for “down”.

I’m on lithium too, but it doesn’t really work for me.

I’m currently taking lamictal 25 mg twice daily. It has helped my moods tremendously, but it does take time to notice its effects. It made me sleepy at first and gave me a mild headache, but those side effects have subsided and now I only notice that I’m not so terribly irritable most of the time anymore.

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Lamictal is a good mood stabilizer particularly if you experience frequent bouts of depression.

I found it to be quite activating.
It triggered lots of anxiety and manic episodes.

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TMG supplement is a nice mood stabilizer also increases libido, energy levels.

I take lamictal 125 mg in the morning and 125 mg at bedtime.