Lamictal induced Akathisia?

First Lamictal was accelerating my mood cycles - ( rapid cycling) now it seems like it is giving me inner restlessness - a feeling where i have to keep moving. I know it is the Lamictal causing this and not the Risperdal because I noticed this right after taking my first dose of Lamictal in the morning - it lasted all day long yesterday. At first I thought I was simply hyper because this med has some stimulating effects, but as the day went on I noticed that when sitting still I had the urge to move around - I was doing a lot of pacing in the house and when sitting down or lying down I start to move my legs ( restless legs) - this is so frustrating, and i am going to speak my mind to my doctor, I see her in a few days. If she downplays it or dismisses it, well I will have to make a decision myself - she kind of did this with my symptoms last time - I am not a happy camper :angry:


Sorry to hear of your troubles @Wave. Never heard of Lamictal-induced akathisia before. That’s usually reserved for antipsychotics. But I guess anything is possible.

Hey alien, I looked it up and some antidepressants and other drugs can cause this as well but it is way more common with the antipsychotics - I do not know what to call it, but I have had Abilify induced Akathisia before and this feels just like it - just a bit more milder, but still disruptive

Hmm, I have to say hands-down Abilify akathisia was worse than 80 mg of Haldol.

Yes the Akathisia was god awful on the Abilify - do you have insomnia tonight? I woke up at 330am and could not fall back asleep

It’s 2am here and I’ve yet to fall asleep.

Yes the on off insomnia I have been experiencing is getting to me - another thing to bring up to my doctor

I’m adjusting to life without antipsychotics. No fun.

Do you find yourself needing them? The adjustment period can take some time I guess

I would say I need them for sleep. Just gotta tough it out for a few days.

I am sure you will adjust in time - maybe sooner than later

Let’s hope so…I need my sleep.

Is the new tricyclic helping with sleep so far?

It was for a few days, now nothing.

It is tough getting insomnia under control. With me it is a back and forth kind of deal really

I’ve battled insomnia since I was 12, when my mother died of breast cancer.

Man I am sorry alien - that is tough

My dad cheated on my mother on her deathbed, then my dad committed suicide by shotgun when I was 19.

Yesterday was his birthday. I always feel ambiguous on the 19th.

That is really tough - I am truly sorry that this had to happen to you - You seem to have a lot of inner strength - I do admire you