Lamictal as a mood stabalizer

I just got perscribed Lamictal as my mood stabalizer. Whats your opinon on the medication

It seems to be better at managing mania. Be on the lookout for rashes. One is life-threatening, but some are benign. Your doctor can decipher the difference (hopefully). Don’t get too alarmed if you do have a rash - it’s a rather rashy (is that a word?) medication, especially in the beginning.

And stay out of bright sunlight, if I recall correctly. What’s your diagnosis? (So I can answer your original question.)

i have schizoaffective disorder with bipolar

I was on Lamictal for a while - I no longer take it, my pdoc feels that it could be contributing to my anxiety - it can be a very anxiety inducing drug (activating).

Lamictal is a mood stabiliizer which works best for depression - it is not a good drug for mania - it sometimes causes a little mania in certain vulnerable individuals.

Now that I am off of it, I feel more stable mood wise - but thats me.
It is a very good antidepressant type drug - good luck with it!

It didn’t help me - but then again I’m not Bipolar. My husband takes it for his epilepsy, and it helps him a lot. It differs between person to person. It may not have helped me, but it may help you!