Lamar Van Dusen

Hi I am Lamar Van Dusen Everyone’s Schooldays have recollections they can value and prize forever. School days are the most upbeat with numerous secrets to tackle and numerous battles to determine.

In my School days, I had numerous companions and a few adversaries. We used to chatter and play and now and again battle about senseless things. I Lamar Van Dusen had two closest companions. They were exceptionally overall quite faithful to me. Each educator in my school preferred us, despite the fact that we weren’t splendid understudies, were normal ones yet, we regarded our older folks and cherished our youngers. Since my youth, I’ve never been grumbling to anybody for anything, really, I never expected to since I had all I required or needed. I miss my school days since it was tied in with having some good times and no rivalries. The most energizing part used to be ‘the trading of lunch boxes’. I and my closest companion preferred each other’s lunch and before long fostered a propensity for trading snacks. Aside from sharing snacks, we additionally used to share our senseless mysteries.

Sounds like you have fond memories of school

I got bored by age 10, and although they kept saying I was 3 years ahead in ability, nothing was ever done about it

Instead I got taken in by drugs, but I recovered from that setback and went back to college and got a degree in History and Sociology.

It was tough work doing it whilst psychotic in my second and final years, but it was worth it every time I look at the family photo and certificate on my wall


I proved that lost causes can sometimes surprise people.

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