Lai vs oral

Less side effects for long acting injectable aripiprazole and risperidone from what I found on the internet

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Oral is good but getting Laid is better! :smiley:


I feel the opposite but :thinking: lol


The whole evolutionary point is that you can’t decide.

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I find LAI’s indignant. If you opt for it that’s all good but I’ve seen doctors give patients ultimatums with LAI’s in terms of leaving the hospital. There’s a weird element of control with those shots and it’s always creeped me out.

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My long acting has served me well for the last 27 years. And it quite easy to get an injection every 3 weeks.
My good old depo takes away my psychosis, bad thoughts and gives me good sleep and rest. It also calms me down.


Drs have spoken about putting me on LAI’s in the past but I prefer oral meds so I’ve just stayed on those instead.

What dosage and what meds are you on if you don’t mind sharing? The dose isn’t equivalent, for example 300mg abilify lai = 15mg oral abilify

With a LAI i have been told its a more consistent dose. Its kept me very well overall. Did have a little set back a few weeks ago but thsts due to pregnancy.

Did you try both oral and lai? What medicine are you on and did it make a difference?

Anyone tried both? I found more articles saying that Lai has less weight gain than oral but more akathisa

I would have to have an awfully good reason for me to ever go back on a lai again.

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Certain side effects are less such as weight but more akathisa

Did you take the dose equivalent though, like 300mg Lai abilify= 15mg oral abilify

My comment was in response to this lol

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Lol xDddddddddddd


What dose is 400mg of abilify every 3 weeks? I used to be on that

About 20mg oral aripiprazole per day if you take the 400mg monthly

I’ve done both I hate the injections just my 2 cents.

i m on lai since 8 years.its great for me.i didn t relapse since then