Laetitia's help thread

To prevent me from making too many posts, this will serve as a dump for my thoughts.

You are very much welcome to participate. If not, that’s ok as well.


Today just seems like a good day to die. Not like I have courage to die, however. I am a person of very little courage.

Ah, don’t say that!!!

I’m sorry you feel this way…

It’s ok. Like I said, I have very little motivation to do it.

Yeah, I saw that after I wrote it…

But still! It’s not a good thing to think about…

Why do you feel this way?

I’m tired to breathe.

Learned helplessness has been helping.

I just become powerless in the hands of my suffering.

I just feel very much unloved and unworthy.

Also I had a huge fight with my mom.

But at this point I just don’t care. It’s how it is.


You will be good again. Its just a moodswing from good mood into bad mood and vice versa.

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It’s not like people are going to change how they are going to view me. People have been cruel to me before.

I’m out of hope- hope that someone will not judge.

I just know that it’s just how I’ll be for the rest of my life.

I’m sorry to hear that.
Fights with parents can be tough

I hope your day/night can get better

Thank you. I hope tomorrow will be better. I have to wake up for class tomorrow really early.


Good luck!

Good for you for going to school🙂

Oh and Happy Cakeday!!!:raised_hands:


Maybe you are fatigued when you are so tired to breathe. Sorry, i am been judgemental, but how do you feel ?

You are not judgemental at all, my friend.

I’m having chest pain again. Kind of fatigued.

I’m going to sleep soon. :two_hearts:


happy cake day @laetitia !!
i hope you feel a bit better soon.


@laetitia I regret that you suffer from such hostile thoughts.
I can tell you, that in the past, I used to have intrusive thoughts like that I will be handicapped for life,
that I want to die etc.
But now I managed to overcome these thoughts and I am on a path to becoming a successful,
high functioning person.
So you should know that everything is possible.
It is still possible for you to cure your sz and become successful in life.


Hang in there @laetitia. I know you have struggles but we still love you :kissing_heart:


I wish you all the best @laetitia

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@laetitia , you’re not a bad person, you’re a good person. Try looking at yourself the same way you would someone else. You don’t deserve to die. You wouldn’t judge someone like you the way you’re judging yourself. Hang in there and be kind to yourself