Ladders to the moon

dont note that frown, turn it up right
no ones down, with them anymore
somethings bad it was wrong so
writ on a melon an awful song
feeling sad like a radical start
trial and rehearsal and a dreams bright truth
no error no terrible cures broken heart
keep playing the harp for the shaking words you shook
its worse than rightful its our chosen youth
inherent minds breaking with the lies
light in the way darkness compromise
eternal squares in a space station
somewhere backwards, “a grey plantation”
guess im a little rotten used and bruised
in a world full of empty stairs.
they hate they hated the noel
you were chosen to be great
heres more drama to contast with these distortions
i never had an abortion
for the dharma Im here
already too late for the engineer.


Whose rap is this

Heres another original Rap from
the hottest Gabrielle…

Hey look, you, I have been making rounds
stared from the bottom up now im queen
Project I’m blue ba da be mean
I can rap battle cattle like Im clean
and thats the problem miss eugene!

and love to cop on my frequency
frequently, its stupid cupid really
yeah yeah yeah im a tiger not the trap
this argument is over hon wap
like a fat Mat and a klondike bar
baskets full of money and easter eggs, b
who played the mother effing world
rest in peace to the backwards channel
hey look there goes the plane
we’re gonna stop there before i become
a statistic, its almost sad how
people can be so narcissistic,
rule of the one resistance never forget
Im REGENT you an EMP
insane in the membrane.

is it too much. im going to delete this

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Who is it? 151515151

Not great that theres a reference to hell

who? wym. Im just freestyle writing its weird sounding though isnt it

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I like this reference to the potential for slaves in orbit. I think about orbitals and what the elite want.

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its definitely a lot diferent than my usual writing style. like space case energy. i wish someone would battle me in the rap but no one even bothers

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the worst part of being undefeated
is that im fronting you
truth, so trapped bye

I think i need to go to church.