Lack of needed sleep and psychosis

I notice if I get less than 8 hours of sleep, I tend to notice my psychosis symptoms exist a bit more so. When I got more, I had less symptoms and my meds felt like they were doing phenomenally.
I’ve been getting 6 hours lately due to responsibilities, but I’m seeing things some times and smelling things that aren’t there…fun fun fun.

u should try to get more sleep if it has an effect on your symptoms I usually sleep like 3-4 hours at night and take a nap in the middle of the day

I want to, but I have to get up with the puppies since my mom refuses to wake up and take care of them, and my sister is at work by this time.
I can’t go to bed earlier either, since we have to take them out just short of going to bed, so around 1 AM. I have to get up at about 7.
My mom says I’ll adapt to less sleep, but for some reason I feel like I’ll get ill again because of it.

you should tell her I’m sure she wouldn’t want you to get ill again and would wake up to take the pups

I haven’t told her much because she complains about having to take care of them PLUS she’ll start assuming that being religious will save me.

ughh I hate that, my mom is the most religious person I know and she claims going to church helped her with depression and thinks that if I start being religious it will cure me

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Yeah, she said my meds were blocking the demons ad not getting rid of them…so I refuse to tell her truly what’s going on.

I dislike when people think that people with mental illness have demons how is a pill supposed to block a demon these people always have an excuse to force people into their beliefs its all science really no religion is proven but these meds are proven to work for most

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Puppies are a lot of work. But they do grow fast. Hopefully in a few months they will be able to go out at 10 and not go out again til 6 or 7. But if not, maybe you can paper train them?

Yeah, but it’s worth the end result when they become an adult.
My dad said I can wait as long as 4 or 5 hours before taking them out, meaning I can sleep more if I need. I don’t have to be up at 7 AM.

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I don’t even know, these people probably want to avoid the actual science behind it all, ignorance and laziness are true demons.

Same. My psychosis was at its absolute worst in Highschool when I was chronically sleep deprived. Proper sleep is imperative for managing psychosis. Once I started ensuring I always got 8 hours my symptom severity dropped drastically.

The only thing ever to help me sleep is Abilify.