Lack of Motivation

What do you do to combat lack of motivation?

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Sometimes I tell myself that I can just start something and that I don’t necessarily have to complete it or do it very long. Usually, once I start doing it, it becomes easier. Doing something for even five minutes is better than nothing at all.


Yes. I try motivation but I get distracted.

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My therapist and I spoke about this the other day. Avolition is one of my most prominent negatives. He asked what I was doing to lose weight while I bitched about being a fatty. I told him it’s too cold. “Ahhh, so we’re still having some problems getting moving?” “Umm, yeah, it’s hard for me to get engaged.”

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Do something that you know is going to change your frame of mind. Mine used to be have a cup of tea. By time I was done a cup or two I couldn’t remember what I was doing and found myself already started. Then once I was already doing it why stop. Bam reverse psychology.

Exercise. You do it cheaply and it only helps. Hard to get started but regular is good.

I’m 50. I moved from a sedatntery lifestyle to being fitter than I was at 30 simply by doing regular exercise. I’ve also started reading everyday.

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