Lack of maths education 'negatively affects adolescent cognitive development'

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I probably have dyscalculia so i was doomed from the start.

My weakness was geometry. I was absolutely useless at that!

I was always good in math but hated matrices.

My strength was algebra. I struggled with geometry. I made to an ivy league university’s graduate school to study statistics. I studied statistics for a year there. But, what I don’t register is that, why are my cognitive symptoms so bad?

I loved geometry but I was young, in college I had calculus 1,2 and matrices. I should have also taken calculus 3, its like 1 and 2 but in 3D.

I breezed through calc 1 and 2.

My calc 2 professor sent me a letter of invitation to study further mathematics.

I struggled in calc 3 and thereafter. I think the psychosis (delusions) got me right when I started studying calc 3.

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Yea me too, they wanted me to participate in math competitions but I declined as its extra work.

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Math competitions are tough.

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Yea I just wanted to focus on graduating with good grades in other courses too not just math. I dont think I could have handled the extra work for competitions while keeping having good grades in all the other courses.

Like biology, chemistry, physics etc Here after high school you have to do 2-3yrs of college before being able to apply for university.

Got it.

What did you major in college then?

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I majored in kinesiology in university. Its a major bsc. In college you just get a degree you cant do much with it. But now I am disabled due to severe sz negative symptoms. I cant work at all, I tried many jobs while on low dose meds.

I have that problem too. I find it hard to motivate myself.

I trade stocks but when it comes to repetitive work, I simply can’t do it. The good news for me is that every day is a new day when it comes to stock trading. When I have to create new strategies/test them I can work for hours, but when I have to see what trades are on offer and do grunt work, I am simply not up to the task. Perhaps, if you find something interesting, or very interesting, you might feel motivated?

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For now the only thing that motivates me is playing pc video games lol Maybe I can stream but I am not too pro.

But the thrill of games motivates you…I used to play video games, but I don’t feel motivated now. I stopped playing them after I started getting hallucinations. I don’t have any symptoms now, but I have lost interest in games/television/etc…Only stock trading motivates me.

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