Lack of faith and autism

If this topic isn’t allowed then please close it im not talking about religion indept but i do wonder whether me questioning everything could be an autistic trait… people say they feel something praying… when my family would say to pray I couldn’t feel anything simply cos I couldn’t understand there being anything there… again this isn’t to offend anyone i really wished I could have faith like everyone else I just wasn’t feeling the spiritual connections others felt …


I’m not here to sell you anything. But hear me out for just a second.

Don’t think about religion as a scientific testable peer-reviewed truths. The metaphorical truths sometimes help people to rise from the ashes (a metaphor by the way).

People in prison, people who are addicted to drugs, and others who choose to follow the light instead of following evil, and they do get better. Thus I find that having a faith or saying a prayer can be tremendously helpful rebuilding a healthy life.


I have an autism diagnosis. I believe in god though. I find it hard to believe in god. But I do believe and I do find it helps. For me I use passages of the Holy scriptures to rationalise the world. And it is logical to me. Whilst my emotive feelings for god might appear superficial my conviction in the passages I use to rationalise events or circumstances are much the same way I trust a mathematical equation to follow rules and have an exact solution because of the truths associated with the method.


I have an autism diagnosis and I am agnostic so I get you.