Lack of emotion


does anything help? I want to frickin feel things again.
it’s not that i don’t feel anything, it’s that i don’t know what emotion it is when i’m feeling it.
it’s more like a constant sense of discomfort.
i have flat affect real bad and it’s ruining my relationships, my creativity, basically my life (not to be dramatic) can’t express myself emotionally at all.
people around me think i am insensitive and lacking empathy,
i don’t know how to fix it.


Coffee helps me a bit. But I feel your pain though.


Im in a emotional regulation group therapy… Im not able to express emotions well but in this group im discovering what emotions are called and felt like and how to process them while learning my body langue that i can use to figure out the emotions… Maybe u can find a group like that?


Do u guys believe demons exist?


coffee just makes me super jumpy n anxious
had to stop drinking it:(


i didn’t think of that, there must be something like that here,
i’ll ask my caseworker,


i do,
i think they’re trying to take my soul.
but everyone says they’re not real


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