Lack of ambition - a serious problem or not?


What are your thoughts? I have been thinking about my main psychiatric symptoms. They include lack of ambition ,difficulty identifying and pursuing future goals,social interaction difficulties, social withdrawal (in that I’ll interact with others if I have to but am not proactive in doing so) and a measure of lack of motivation if left to my own devices.


I’ve had a step change down in motivation recently. So I can’t help other than to commiserate.


I am proactive in making friends on the internet. I don’t know if it could be counted. In reality, I speak broken English, seldom have friends.I don’t know if it is a social withdrawal.


I’d say yes, a serious problem, but with a few caveats.

  1. I think it’s learned helplessness (which sounds accusatory, but is really what happens to humans and animals when they are in an environment where they are completely helpless, and then learn that nothing they do can improve their situation, resulting in a very strong and generalized lack of motivation). Learned helplessness isn’t your fault, and it’s not easy to get out of. You can’t just force yourself out of it. You need help and you need to find the things that are important to you and get motivation from that.

  2. Motivation is useful if you manage to internalize it. External motivation will wear you out. It will probably not make you content and happy. So I think you need a self-driven kind of motivation for activities that actually make you happy. If your motivation and ambition doesn’t make your life better, why bother? That is, I don’t think a lack of ambition by itself is a problem. Ambition and motivation are instrumental. The goal is a better quality of life, and that’s what’s really important here.


A person can believe that they can affect change, have an internal locus of control, but be apathetic.


Family is important to me, better mental health treatment for people is important to me, helping people here is important to me,politics and making the world a better place is important to me . With all of these,apart from family, quite severe social anxiety and social interaction difficulties are a major impediment.

I find it difficult to socially engage with other people to the point,as a possible defence mechanism to the stress involved, I’ve become quite asocial. I am not sure how much this has to do with psychosis/schizophrenia or possible ASD.

What I do know is that it is a long standing issue present before overt signs of severe mental illness.

There is a point of intellectually sensing it is not healthy , and yet paradoxically being quite content to drift.


Honestly im suprised the pharma guys havnt invented a pill for this


They have. Ritalin and other amphetimines (sp?). The problem is that those pills also cause positive symptoms for a lot of people.

At this point I would be willing to deal with mania and hearing things if I could just get moving.


Absolutely! I’m just sharing how I have understood Firemonkey’s issues. Not saying I know I’m correct or that that’s how it is for everyone.