Labotomy fears

anybody else have delusional fears that a lobotomy was once done on them? I do.


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No I don’t, but I can feel the spark inside of my head when the psychosis happens…Maybe you got schizophrenia when you were 20’s or 30’s, it’s common that people who get diagnosed at those ages to get such a delusion…To give you comfort; my delusions are worse lol

no sorry i’m glad i do not have that one !
take care

yeah I would feel around my head for a scars or ridges on my skull… I found one from my hairline to my eye socket, and for a while I thought I had had a lobotomy. Just one of my old delusions. I also thought I was under hypnosis and people could make me tell them things if they said certain phrases.

Yes. I had an EKG once and had that delusion for years because I recall being wheeled in a wheelchair and a white cloth put on my head, and being put under while they poked needles in me, and pulled my hair up with hair pins. And the nurses has blue smocks on. there were three nurses, I was put under a bright light and then pulses of light were flashed at me repeatedly. Then I took a test.

I once tried to admit myself to a hospital, I left after waiting for 6 hours while getting paranoid that they lobotamized all their patients secretly and that they would drill holes into my brain. I got over that though, of course I left after the doctor was finally ready to see me. I’d had enough time with my delusions that i figured being boxed in with them might not help me.

When I was 17 and my swan song of a psychosis happened and I was taking so long to stabilize in hospital my parents gave the doctors permission to try ECT.
After the second zap session, my head was so empty I was positive they took a chunk of my brain out. I was sure of it. No head should be that void of memory, thought, voices. It was so quiet up there I was physically unable to catch my balance.

The voices came back little by little. But I had reacted so poorly with ECT that my parents didn’t want to put me through the third zap.

I’m sorry you went through that. ECT scares me, and it doesn’t have high success rates.

I do not know, but I have a bigger scar in the upper left side of my forehead and I do not know how I got it. My former U.S. spouse asked during the dinner in Costa Rica in 1998 how I had got it and I told I did not know it, a mystery.

I must add to this conversation that when my former U.S. woman had left in Dec 1999, I received a telephone call in which a young sounding woman spoke very very fast and I started receiving that I was brainwashed. I call it as ‘a dual-process call’. I picked up the phone with my left hand and after getting this brainwashing sensation, I slammed the phone down immediately. After the call my behavior became very disoriented and I started doing stupid things, but slowly I recovered from that period.