Laboratory test from future

I can remeber only four tests out of about 8 tests that I had in future in my vivid dream. in that year (year 150) human could fly.
Here are the vitamin tests i have done in the future:
BB , B0, 4, B4
B4 is known today
I got a shot in the butt right after I tried to fly. and also there were forbidden flying territories!
I will be still ill in the year 150 :thinking::thinking:

Edit: I think there was also vitamin Bs

I think the calendar system we use today will not be used anymore

and also human used pelican model for flying. He will inspire from pelicans how to fly

wow. I have had a similar dream about a vitamin B shot related to schizophrenia…so I did some researching about vitamin B and thiamine and I found a term called biochemical lesion. This is all speculation. But if what I hypothesized is correct, one possible cause of schizophrenia is tissue damage or lesions like caused by Charcot Marie Tooth a disease that causes the outer tissue of myline to be irreversibly deteriorated over time or with stress and age and my symptoms manifested after an exhaustive hiking trip in the appalachian woods where my nerves and body were stressed and the teachers didnt slow down and I wasnt hydrated. I was basically in shock afterwards. But I was just labeled with schizophrenia no other research was done other than the based tests.

If there really is a future for humanity maybe then some day they will be able to cure and reverse the cause of schizophrenia because vitamin B and niacine treat toxicity related to this…and would be good to prevent heart failure and liver toxicity in normal doses. This gives me hope for the future of science. I wanted to further add some definition to help.


The term lesion is defined as “any pathological or traumatic discontinuity of tissue or loss of function of a part.” Note again the use of the word function. Additionally, lesion is derived from the Latin word laesio, which means “injury.” The term is used with an almost unlimited number of conditions and is universally understood to imply some form of gross anatomical abnormality. It is interesting to note that in describing the conditions they treat with manual methods of adjustment and mobilization similar to ours, our philosophical cousins, osteopathic physicians, have long used the term osteopathic lesion.

Biomechanical Lesion

The term spinal biomechanical lesion then would imply a pathological condition involving discontinuity (loss of cohesion) of tissue, and loss of normal vertebral joint function (kinesio-pathology) that often has injury as its cause. It is a very descriptive term, and one that should be well-understood by any and all who have training and study in the field of medical terminology. It’s a phrase that is easy to get your head around, no matter your particular discipline.

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That’s interesting
I tried to purchase B4 vitamin choline but not available in Iran unfortunately.
You have access to this vitamin then use it for better health.

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thanks for the topic and advice. My mom currently cant walk and I think I am onto something rn because she has the disease worse than me of charcot marie tooth, I am going to order her some B4 choline and see if she will take it for a few months if it will help, but the concern is her symptoms are so severe—and we cant go to a doctor so i need to find a way to help her…i gave her CBD oil but she said it just lifted her mood and she had a wonderful day but that it didnt cure or reverse the pain or the issue…

Its good to have a place to talk about things, thats how discoveries are made…and solutions come up with…

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Good Luck for you and your mom
Hagh bless you two (Hagh means truth)

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