L15b07 introduction

Hey there,

I just wanted to introduce myself because I’m reading here anonymously since always but decided to register here now.

I’m from Germany, female, 24, married, cats, chronic paranoid schizophrenia besides a lot of other diagnosises.

I may probably be not very active here but I’m thankful for the existence of this forum and hope someday I could be of any help.
Feel free to ask something if this might be interesting to someone.

Thanks for reading - from my hemisphere: have a good evening / night! :slightly_smiling_face:


welcome to the forums @l15b07

Thanks a lot, @karl!

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Welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

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Guten Abend, leiders mein Deutsch ist sehr … bad :smile:

Thank you! :slight_smile:
Haha, @Andrey, not as bad as you might think as it seems. :smile:

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wish you having good times here :blossom:

Thanks a lot, @moshtaba! :balloon:

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I’ve lived in Germany. I hope u like it here.

Hello, welcome to the forum!
I’m in Denmark, so we’re practically neighbours :stuck_out_tongue:

:slight_smile: Not exactly, to be honest. I live in a rather big city with a lot of people and as someone who spent the first 17 years of life in a small town between a river and smaller mountains it’s not very comfortable here. Also there’s a lot political stuff going on lately which makes me pretty mad. But well. Where do you live, @anon90843118 if I may ask? :slight_smile:

Hi @Berru! Thank you, dear neighbour. :smiley: See, Denmark is a country I’d very much like to visit one day. :slight_smile:


@l15b07 I hope u get used to it with time.
I lived in Belgium n Germany in Nice quiet areas on what used to be a farm even. Now I live in the very busy UK. So I can relate a bit.

Hello and welcome

Ah, alright. I feel you. :wink:
Thanks, but nah, that won’t happen. I’m planning to move at the end of this year because I’ll finally have the money for a better apartment (or flat :stuck_out_tongue: ) in a more quiet area.

Hi @anon20318121, thank you!


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