L-tyrosine not working with Latuda

Hello all. First post. I’m on Latuda 20mg. Getting off in 1 month. I don’t think I have schizophrenia. I had a prodrome psychosis episode a year ago. Does the dopamine antagonism blocked by Latuda cause me to not get effects from l-tyrosine? My brain is weird in that it only gets affected by a supplement once and then never again. For instance I took 100mg sublingual phenylpiracetam and my anhedonnia and avolition were completely lifted for 30min but then never again did this happen. Thank you

Here’s some useful info. What I know about L-Tyrosine is that it gives you a ton of Dopamine, which also gives you a ton of energy. It also gives some people heart problems. It gave my Dad heart problems.

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