L-theanine is Effective in Lessening Positive Symptoms, and improving Sleep Quality in patients with schizophrenia

Just ordered some today, will update when i get it & throughout testing

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Please let us know how it feels when you take L Theanine + Amyloban 3399 in combination :smiley:

Day 1: felt great, went for a drive cleaned out my truck, checked the oil, added water to my windsheild wiper tank. Only thing i notice is that there appears to be a sharp cutoff at about the 5-6 hour mark and its noticeable almost like a comedown from something… hoping day 2 is better

Day 2: not good no effect except negative symptoms such as anxious, paranoia, & general discomfort/unhappy feelings

What’s Kava Kava like? I take Kratom daily. Love it!

I know Nootropics depot is a safe reliable source for l theanine that is recommended by the nootropics community on Reddit.