L-theanine is Effective in Lessening Positive Symptoms, and improving Sleep Quality in patients with schizophrenia


L theanine made me depressed. Caffeine + L Theanine does make you a little smarter.


I’ve been using L-theanine for about 6 months now, and it’s changed my life. Between the fish oil and theanine supplements, I can pass for normal most of the time, and most people I interact with at my job don’t know I suffer from schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder.

It does make me more tired overall, and has caused an increase in caffeine consumption, which I’m trying to cut down on, but it’s worth the extra sleep I have to have, in order to feel better.

I notice that the auditory symptoms are still there and still fluctuate like before, but they seem less threatening since I started taking it, and they’re definitely quieter. I’m also less anxious, but I also take ativan on top of risperdal for my symptoms, so I don’t know if it makes the ativan more effective or not.

I really recommend people try this. I think I read the recommended dosage for most people with schizophrenia is ~200 mg a day, but I take 400 once or twice a week and 200 every other day that I don’t take the 400.

It has been the difference to me between living my life in constant fear and pain, and being able to work through some of my many issues and start working towards a better mental state of being for myself.



I want to try it but it’s expensive. I’m already taking Omega 3 with high dosis of EPA and sarcosine. I also need to take magnesium, vitamin D and B complex (I was taking them before, just need to buy more).

I’m also thinking on taking curcumin because it has similar effects to memantine (the last one helped me a lot with neg symptoms).


I got them as sleep pills, that’s all they do for me, so at night if I’m too excited or can’t sleep I take one pill


It unfortunately didnt do anything for me and i was taking 1200mg a day and up to 1500 mg per day.

The recommended dose i believe is 600 mg per day


That’s a bummer they didn’t help. At least you tried it :slight_smile:


I’m almost done with the bottle probably have a couple of weeks left and so far it hasn’t helped with anything. I feel the same. I started with 100mg first thing in the morning and have been taking it regularly for the past few months. I started taking 200mg as well and felt no difference. I also took it before sleeping as well to see if it would help with my sleep issues and nothing so far.


You guys have got me wondering if it’s a placebo and that bothers me. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try to do without it and see if I’m more symptomatic. (Already took 200mg today)


I’ve taken grams at a time of l-theanine up to 10 grams at once, can’t say it has any noticeable effect alone, takes the edge off of caffeine though. Apparently it induces alpha brainwaves, I was going to study l-theanine and decaffeinated guarana extract as part of my psychology degree research, but never got that far because of my illness, at least we know safety wise if I’ve taken 10g without I’ll effect any dose you guys take is probably miniscule compared to that, I did notice when I was less well medicated that l-theanine did seem to cause slight perceptual disturbances but again this was in pretty massive doses. 50g pouches available on eBay, I think they are by phoenix nutrition but don’t quote me on that, I just stir it into hot drinks when I have it. Not ordered any for over six months though I saw little benefit from it.


@DelusionalSoldier I’m glad u mentioned curcumin bc I’ve seen studies about it being practically as effective if not more than Prozac and stuff. But I didn’t know it’s like memantine- I was gunna ask my doc about memantine but I may just try curcumin first. What dose works for u?


I started to take curcumine 15 days ago. It seems to be good to cure infflamations in the body because my sciatica is getting better (but I’m also taking magnesium). For the brain, I’ve noticed no benefits yet from curcumine.


The following quote was found in Wikipedia in an article about the Lipton Institute of Tea:
“Recent work has focused on theanine and flavonoid antioxidants, both of which occur naturally in tea and are claimed to have health benefit”

I have an immense collection of tea. The benefits of various teas have been acknowledged throughout history, especially in Eastern cultures. It is interesting that it is also a source of Theanine.


I’ve been taking 400 mg past 2 days and I noticed a ton of focus and motivation. I mean before I was just doing nothing. Now I’m taking an online class although the class is so basic a child could do it.


is anyone still taking this? just wondering how you guys are doing and if anyone else is taking it now.


Interesting research, although sample size is too small. Either way, I’m going to buy some L-theanine and experiment with it. Luckily, it’s available locally in my area. I’m currently on Fluanxol 1 mg/day.


I’ve taken a 250 mg pill of l-theanine a couple of hours ago. After about 20 minutes, the effects kicked in. I feel calm, focused, my thoughts are clear and I’m able to express them properly. Can’t comment on hallucinations/delusions, as I’ve been symptom-free for a long time. Will report back about when the effects wear off.


Second pill proved ineffective. I’ll think I’ll discontinue using this product.


I have been thinking of trying l-theanine- myself.
I currently am taking NAC but am looking for more to try.
Have any of you ever tried clonodine or propanolol(sp??)? They are basically high blood pressure pills. They can help take away anxiety and panic. For me my clonodine helps me when I have panic attacks. High blood pressure pills are definitely not for everybody though, they can be dangerous if you have certain conditions.