L-theanine is Effective in Lessening Positive Symptoms, and improving Sleep Quality in patients with schizophrenia


Huh. It didn’t do that much for me that I could tell. Stopped after a few months.


L theanine has been magical for me too!! Works immediately and now it is my go to solution for anxiety stress and intrusive thoughts


I looked up why l theanine might help with reducing alchohol cravings, and it seems to have to do with GABA. I guess it makes sense since in sz the glutamate/GABA balance is disrupted. And in chronic alcohol consumption GABA is reduced, with increased glutamate which can cause anxiety.

But, apparently not everyone has the same issues with glutamate, I read of a specific SNP on one of the glutamate associated genes. They think that might be why it’s been so difficult to get a glutamate modulating med on the market even though they know glutamate is involved in sz… it works for some, but not all. And also looks like it tends to work better earlier in the illness, that the brain adapts somewhat later on.


It doesn’t improve sleep quality. It just makes you feel good with less sleep. And eventually builds tolerance.

Wasted my money and time in this shitty supplement.


I started taking it again…


When I said this Friday to my psychiatrist that I was taking theanine, she didn’t know what it is. She had to do a Google search and from what she saw, she then told me to stop taking it right away because it “plays” with the brain’s receptors and she doesn’t what that at the same time as my antipsychotic.


So it arrived this morning, I took one 250mg dose after my meal and it made me very sleepy so I just woke from a 4 hour nap. So I wasn’t feeling agitated or anything but I could use it if I do to help me fall asleep at night. I’m gonna try it again tomorrow after breakfast and see how I feel.


Invega can also slow you down. It hammered me so hard my dad timed me once, and it took me a minute to get up out of a chair, so realize Invega possibly comes with its own cast of characters.


just got mine, took about 400mg initial dose on empty stomach, mildly relaxing and made me a bit tired. Will probably just take it at night or when I’m having a panic attack


This stuff, I actually really felt it when I took it for the first time today. I took 250mg and immediately noticed a sort of soft, drowsiness, calmer feeling. I took another 250mg about an hour ago and I’ve felt that way all day. I think it will really help me sleep and help keep my benzo use down and calm me down. It works, the research is there and I can say for sure I feel it.


Pdoc gave me these ap pills that would helo me sleep. They were way too strong so I would feel like ■■■■ the next day. These L theanine pills will serve as replacement pretty well


Ive had a great experience with L-theanine. Calm and clear thoughts and an overall sense of wellbeing.


I’m trying one called Vraylar. Not helping much yet. Pimozide worked for 25 yrs, then no longer. Dunno why.


I enjoy L-THEANINE. It’s a bit strong. Helps keep 90% of the brain activity to a minimum.


Just ordered from iHerb.com — the NOW brand of 100mg - 90 pills. As soon as they arrive I’ll post my experience with it.


Arrived today. Took 1 - 100mg pill. Will eventually up the dose to 200mg with time. Let’s see how it goes. Wish me luck everyone!!


I understand that feeling it’s like someone is controlling everybody to plot against you and kill you
I was just put on olazapine
I never want to take the meds cause I want to be alert


Hey folks!

Trying out L-Theanine tomorrow for the first time, as follows:

200mg L-Theanine TWICE A DAY

Any warnings or suggestions, from those who have tried this before??

Thank you!!


It made me really anxious, but that’s just me. Wellbutrin works better imo.


After a bit of research I’d advise people to avoid the “NOW” brand. It’s got green tea leaves and green tea exteact can mess with your liver. So if you’re taking the NOW brand and your liver blood tests are funky like mine were then stop taking it.

I now recommend any brand that says “suntheanine” if you’re in the USA. It’s pure l-theanine only. No green tea leaves.

And if you’re in Europe I recommend this


My liver tests went back to normal after I switched away from the NOW brand.