L-theanine is Effective in Lessening Positive Symptoms, and improving Sleep Quality in patients with schizophrenia


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Here is the L-the an inexpensive thread


I noticed on an other thread you spoke of requiring evidence that is based from double blind placebo research experiments. I would caition on this, most APs are potent, so you absolutely know you have taken a mind altering substance. So to put so much faith in placebo trials is not wise. I understand why you do it, but lets not kid ourselves…


I noticed on the first day of taking 200mg of Theanine I felt very sad and emotional.

On the second day I felt a bit something, but I can’t put my finger on it. I took 200mg twice daily.

I will update when I or anybody else notices any difference in me.


does anyone know if it will be safe with my meds I am currently on haloperidol and vraylar


L-Theanine will reduce the affects of both Haloperidol and Cariprazine, because the medication you are taking reduces the effect of dopamine in the brain and L-Theanine increase the amount of dopamine in the brain, so it is more likely for you to have manic or psychotic episodes.
I do not believe that L-Theanine reduces the positive symptoms of schizophrenia, but I do think it helps with anxiety and depression, this is only my opinion.


I will ask my doc about this as I can not sleep for now at all. =(


How about if L-theanine increase Dopamine in the brain which already high?


It could then theoretically make the person’s psychotic symptoms worse.


Can’t remember much but I used theanine a year ago for anxiety and it got worsen at that time. Now i don’t have anxiety that much anymore so should i give it a try? Today having some bad racing thoughts becouse of lowering med dosage should it help for it, right? Scared if i will talking to voices again after some year i had it


nvm i bought theanine powder and took 150mg + 150mg today with a coffee and focus improved, stable thoughts and better mood!


I started with this three weeks back for insomnia. I used it with lavender oil as a natural sleep aid. It’s true that it helped me to have a good sleep at night, but it caused severe dizzy spells and bad headaches. I also had a stomach upset. I think it’s a rare reaction, but I would like to know why? Dizzy spell can get worse at times, that I tend to fall sometimes. I am a 34-year-old woman.


Just started L-theanine. Will see how it works and post back.


@Val how did L Theanine work for you?

For me I took it like 6 days and although I slept very well on every day, it is giving me agitation and a hangover the next morning. It is working on the sleep part and also making me less anxious when I take it but the mornings are like much worse than drinking gallons of alcohol.


Reg. Sarcosine dose and its action on positive as well as negative symptoms
After starting Sarcosine about 1.5g per day or less to start with, how many days, one should wait to see its effects on speaking / talking, empathy expression etc , say response should start in a 7 - 15 days on same 1.5 g per day dose?


I think it’s helped my anxiety and tremors. It may be helping me sleep, although I’m still battling insomnia. Haven’t experienced any “hangover” but I definitely notice when it runs out, as my anxiety and aggitation skyrocket. By the way, I am taking 400mg twice daily, as I noticed only a little calming effect at the 200mg dose.


My husband is schozophrenic. He started this today, the brand we got is 200mg. He only took one, but it was great. I’ve heard of it wearing off or having advise affects after not having it. I’ll update.


I am experiencing an unexpected benefit: reduced alchohol cravings.

The effect is similar to a mild benzo, Serax, in terms of it’s effects on alchohol craving, but the effect on anxiety is somewhat less than the benzo.


I started giving this to my husband with schizo. He hasn’t made it to a doctor yet, so he’s on only supplements right now. HeS not convinced it’s a mental problem, so I’m doing what I can to keep him stable for now.
That said, he’s taking 200mg L-THEANINE twice daily. It’s really helping him stay calm, not agitated. It also helps quiet voices. It works fast too, minutes. And lasts all day, until the evening, then he takes another.
I’m so glad I heard about this from these forms. This has been so helpful!


Thanks for sharing. Please update us on how things progress over time. Stress is a big trigger for psychotic symptoms - so try to keep things low stress for him.

ALso - some videos I recommend to help your husband get help:

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