L-theanine experience?

Anyone here on l-theanine? Does it help? What dosage do you take? Do you take any other meds with theanine? In what dosage? Best regards

I take melatonin with L-theanine and 5 HTTP. I find it works much better then melatonin alone as it helps to relax me.

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I take L-Theanine (1.2g) with sarcosine (1g) and it works great, it amplifies the effect of the sarcosine by alot, I’ve also tried it with D-Serine and that works well too.

Thank you for the answer. Do you take any antipsychotic with it? I take clozapine but would like to boost my current situation with l-theanine a bit.

I’ve tried taking clozapine with it but apparently clozapine and NMDA agonists cancel eachother out, I feel ill when I take them both together. If I back off on the clozapine for a few days and then take the l-theanine it works alot better.

Yes, it really helps tone down the hyped anxiety.

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Lithium orotate also works very well, but I’ve never tried them mixed.

One person on schizophrenia.com forum. told me that clozapine & l-theanine don’t mix together. I just wanted to try it myself. What antipsychotic do you take with it? Do you take any supplements with clozapine?

There does seem to be some good data behind this - can anyone else comment on this? Is anyone else using it? They used 400 mg / day in the study;

400 mg/d of L-theanine was added to ongoing antipsychotic treatment from February 2006 until October 2008


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L-theanine made me feel very irritated and agitated the day after taking it. Though the day of taking it it had a calming effect. I took it twice and the same thing happened both times so I ended up throwing it out.

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I tried 400 mg for 3 weeks. The first couple day I thought it worked (placebo) then it did nothing for the rest

should a schizophrenic patient take l-theanine and sarcosine with other antipsychotics.please reply if it contracts with others.thanks

There is some good research that indicates that L-theanine and sarcosine (taken with antipsychotic medications) is helpful to people who have schizophrenia. And people here on the forum have reported that taking both of them together is helpful.


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I’ve used l-theanine in Doses of over 5 grammes at a time with no ill effects. It’s not going to harm anyone so giving it a try is ok, it goes well with a cup of coffee if you experience problems with caffeine then stirring some into a coffee makes it more pleasurable, alone it is ok too, I wouldn’t expect any dramatic effects really.

So taking L-theanine and sarcosine really helps a lot? I might try this but Il first start with sarcosine!

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I started out with sarcosine and it seemed to rev me up too much and made me irritable. It felt good but seemed to accelerate the hallucinations. This might be due to my recovering from meth psychosis? I discontinued it pretty quickly and thought since L-theanine is more of a relaxant I would try it and I am glad I did. I take 250mg at night before bed and it has helped me with anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations and my blood pressure numbers are even better. I give L-theanine at a 250mg dose a very positive review and may re-visit sarcosine later.

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I take 400mg in the morning. I have been taking it for 2 or 3 days and noticed no difference. I am disappointed as I had high expectations.