L`m set to pause for the sec time

I just wanted to say that things are really going my Way. And I want to say that the psychotropic I used from Pfizer is good and safe to take and has many good properties but should not be mix with Clopixol because that you then become aggitated and aggressiv what we consider evil.

I want to tell to you young ones that antipsychotics is the Way to go if your doctor recomend that.
There are so many good new pills out there with good effect and very few side effects.
If you feel low then you Can get one of the good and new antidepressants that helps tremendiously.
If you occasionly feel very scared you Can get your doc to prescripe a good benzo.
But just take Care that you don`t take them every day.

The place I get care doesn’t allow benzos or sleep aids to anyone at all


I dont want to get misunderstood. And it wasnt really to start an argument for or against benzos.
Please let me explain.
Using benzos for sleep or other issues dayli is in no Way adviceble because there is evidence for that 40% of dayli users get dependant to benzos and Can get horrifying withdrawal.

Im takling about responsible users who get an anxity attack once or twice Per week. Its in no way advicebly to hand out benzos to people who some time in there life have had dependence to something,because of benzos abuse potential.

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I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make it sound like I thought you were saying that because I wasn’t.

All I meant was that I wish I could have a benzo once in a while but it’s not at all allowed.

I wasn’t clear. I apologize

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If I in any way sounded nasty then it`s me who own you an apollogize. I try my best to not cause offfense to any one in here. I do my best not to in anyway give anyone a bad experience and I do the best I Can to improve my personallity for the better.

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You weren’t nasty at all. No worries! :slight_smile:

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I just will tell you that I now realize that my action in the past was very damanging to this suciety because I was on a cocktail of meds that made me angry over nothing at all.
I ajusted my meds two years ago and Ive no anger issues any more. I just want to tell you that the meds I removed just created some problems because that it was given in a cocktail of 3 meds. The meds I removed is totally safe and effectve for most users and I recomend it to other people just like I encorage you to take whatever antipsychotic you want to take. The worst thing that Can happen for most of us is that we dont get medical attension.

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