Kurt Vonnegut fans?


He’s great…

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I read a lot of Vonnegut in high school. He’s good. I think he is at his best in the short story.

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Slaughterhouse Five was revolutionary for me, as a person who was in the midst of experiencing PTSD myself.

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There was a user here with a username SoItGoes , and I never knew it was a famous quote until now. :joy:


I love the shoes, btw.

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He is a very good author, yeap :slight_smile: His son turned schizophrenic for a time, but he eventually got better and became a pediatrician :slight_smile: .

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who? Never heard of him

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His son wrote a couple books. I read one of them because @Nomad recommended it. It was very good. He wrote the first book after recovering from a single episode of psychosis, and the second one after recovering from a relapse. I read the second. In it, he apologizes for assertions he made in the first book, because at the time he believed he could 100% avoid a relapse if he stayed making healthy choices.


I’d like to get back to this one

“The point of life is to get through this the best way possible , whatever this is”

One of my favorite Kurt Vonnegut quotes

Although I probably botched the quote.

The guy was a science fiction genius/comical satirical brilliant.

Loved sirens of titans the most. Never read slaughterhouse five or cats cradle though

I feel my dad would like him

I usually like substance abusing writers but Kurt Vonnegut was all organic meaning he only smoked weed once in his life, that was with jerry garcia and he didn’t feel anything.

And I don’t think he drank much other

He was a true genius

His life is pretty remarkable too. He fostered and took care of a whole rest of his family after his sister died I believe. This was before he was a famous writer, was a successful something else. But struggled a lot to provide food and shelter for as many people he did

What a good guy

Who can hate on Kurt vonnegut???

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Oh yes, love his writing.


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He is hands down one of my top 3 authors. His insight into life is very relatable to me.
@Jonnybegood I completely agree and of course I recommend Slaughterhouse Five and Cats Cradle.

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Very good. His early short stories and sci fi was great. Still like some of his later , more autobiographical works. American icon.

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I read his book a year or two before I got ill. I was always interested in psychology anyways and found his book fascinating.

My understanding was that his first book was about his descent into full blown schizophrenia.

I also think he recovered and got a pretty good job as a professor at a university. My understanding also was that years later his diagnosis was changed from schizophrenia to being bi-polar.


Well, I debated if I should write this here, but…“Welcome to the Monkey House” was quite good. I read it over 40 years ago and I think it was a collection of short stories. I just remember I liked it.


I have Slaughterhouse Five on hold on my library app.

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