Kurt Cobain making me feel all warm and fuzzy

I can’t describe it, I turned on Nirvana and suddenly feel happier about my life. I guess deep down I am pretending he’s still alive? Or maybe that my life is so much better than the one he had but he still put out such beautiful music that it hid how bad he had it.? Anyone relate.?

Take care :alien:


I find Kurt Cobain’s lyrics to be very abstract, that song I posted was a cover but still great. But back to my point. When I was deeply psychotic I remember posting an aim status “I don’t understand Nirvana’s lyrics”, now I have a pretty good understanding of what he was saying with his metaphors and imagery and whatnot. Means I’ve improved a lot.

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I like a few Nirvana songs but not many. Here’s are my two favorites.


@jukebox, have you heard this yet? It just came out.

no I’ve heard about it but haven’t checked it out yet. I will probably get it from my brother at Christmas? thanks for the heads up and post more often friend, I miss you lots on here !!

Seasons in the Sun, is one of my favorites
yt didn’t have it tho
perfect imperfections, imho

I guess it is not unusual with great talents. Maybe you have some specific memory that relates to the song you listened.

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It was a very sad day for me when Kurt died - I was a big fan of his.

Drugs and depression did him in.

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