Knuckle down

just got through what i would call hell the last 4 days

i had a virus and my throat was very sore (my head is still sore and i’m still wheezy)

luckily it got a bit better today and i was able to see my p/doc who said i should see a p/nurse again

anyway sometimes all we can do is just knuckle down and try and stay alive

i dont think i could have taken anymore so i wanted to ask

has anybody else had to deal with this sort of thing?

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I’ve been doing that for a while now. I’ve decided that’s all I can do. It’s just about survival to me now.

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take vitamin c, zinc, coconut oil ( anti viral ), garlic , hot honey and lemon drink.
these have helped me to boost my immune system when low.
take care


when you are in that state it is harder to eat and drink but despite this we really need to or it just gets worse.

i took paracetemal at first but the effects wore off so i was using a difflam spray and some lemon and honey lozenges, then i swapped the paracetemal for a lemsip every few hours changing the flavour to blackcurrent and i found it was gradually getting a bit better each time, i also used a nasal spray for my blocked nose which i thought might help.

one night i had been watching tv and then went to try and sleep and i was delusional all night with racing thoughts about what i had been watching which was a mixture of hitler and the big bang theory and it wasnt nice at all.

i hope you are feeling better.
take care

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I hope you feel better soon. Are you getting enough rest as well? How is school going for you?

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hey kiddo, nice to see you :smile:

thats all i’ve been doing lately ‘resting’ going round the bend with it

this is the worst flu i’ve ever had, havent had much sleep due to sore throat and cough (which seems to get worse at night) and it viral so they are not giving me anything for it really, luckily my friend has been here to help, she got a fright last night tho as i was coughing really bsad and then had a nose bleed it was a bad night and i’m suprised i can write this

I hope you are drinking lots of fluids. Tea can be very soothing on a sore throat. Have you tried putting on a vapor rub? Name brand is Vicks but you can get no name brands as well. I find it helps a lot when I have a cough and congestion. Rub it on your chest and even on your back. Vitamin C is also good. If you have a wet cough try to spit it out. I know that sounds kinda gross but it helps get the virus out.

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I’m sorry you ended up with a nose bleed. When I get too stuffed up I take a really steamy bath and drink ginsing tea. I hope someone brings you some hot soup and a comfy pillow.

do you have a vaporizer? That will sometimes help me keep a cough down too

I hope you get to feel better very soon.

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hope u feel better soon dreamer xxx

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