Knowledge of alien overlords a sin?

I’ve seen ufo’s, shapeshifters, all sorts of small miracles.

Are they how God works? Is it blaspheme to share knowledge of them?

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I’ve seen things. I think they’re demonic. Nobody believes a Schitzo.

I’m not sure. Sometimes it’s like unlocking some kind of huge, intricate secret of the universe… at the same time though it feels so wrong. Like, humans are designed to be unaware and live out their lives in blissful ignorance. So yeah… Why ruin their happiness? (in my humble opinion, anyway)

I don’t know but I can speculate it’s all a representation of what’s going on inside me. Wish I could prove it to the world though.

I’ve seen alien shapeshifters but that doesn’t bother me much, they only appear in places when or where they surveil me, sometimes they talk through other people. I have only spent brief times in their watch though. I’m still Christian though.

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To the contrary, it is a heresy to deny the existence of Satan and demons and their effect on society.

I’m a heretic then.

I’ve seen reptilian shapeshifters but they don’t seem to be malevolent towards me, the demons are the real problem, distorting reality to get kicks from my fear response.

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