Knowledge implants

You can implant an entire language in someone’s head, they can speak it fluently without ever having heard it or studied it.

You can do alot with a person’s head actually, good or bad.

Knowledge implants right there. You just hook’em up and put it in.

You can rearrange things to, screw with memory, all kinds of really great and mostly horrifying stuff, because how is that not horrifying if this is all just negative.

You know that old story was true, that old shitty king they ■■■■■■ up for years. They rearranged him so that he acted like an animal for a long time. Totally true that one.

People can’t know either when it happens, it’s invisible.

That language thing would be really cool though. Now that would come in handy.

You could use a few knowledge implants :wink:

There can be imparting of knowledge both good and bad…when whatever does it causes false memories, or knowledge of evil things, that’s not so good.

I’ve on occasion been given words and sayings in other languages…later researching the words and finding they are actual words and the sentences had meaning…

In 1983 I wrote a song that I felt spirits had given me: fallen spirits. They said they were cast out of their graves, and basically banished, long ago.
When I wrote that it just came to me as if coming from another source that had implanted the words in my mind…

Isaiah 14 speaks of Lucifer being cast out of his grave long ago… and I had never read that or heard that prior to writing the song.

When I became a Christian the demon got another taste of being cast out…again…

If you can mess with the minds of others that much… god help us.

What about using another brain as an extension of yours? Sounds more realistic. :sunny:

Would that this were true. I have invested too much of my life into learning French and then maintaining it, especially difficult since having any knowledge of French is actively discouraged in the part of Canada I live in. (Which is funny since this is based on widespread dislike for Quebec where what they speak barely resembles real French.)

Matrix style jack in the back of my skull?!? Where do I sign up!


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I do this all the time. In my case I’m using a spousal memory extension and upgrade. The problem is that it works best at remembering things I’d rather it didn’t. Need to work on that.



Me too my 2nd brain is Google lol