Knowing too much in areas of life can it cause psychosis...?

IMO it can

A overload of information in the mind

It can lead to it in certain people

No. Knowing too much information does not cause psychosis.


any proof for that?

In college,

Learning all that information was super stressful.

I don’t think it’s the information that gets you,

It’s the stress associated with it.

The first I heard of it was in the gnarls Barkley song crazy. I don’t think so tho.

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Yes. If that were the case, the smarter you are the more chance you would have psychosis. And that is not the case.
Do you have any proof of your theory?

That is what I meant


The mind is quite mararvalous in fairness

I don’t believe it is the cause, but it could be a reliable early warning sign.
I did overdose on negative news while my psychosis was developing.

I think its true in certain peoples

gonna play that song now

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its only obivious that to much thoughts in the mind cause it

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I think knowing too much in the “wrong areas”. What society deems “wrong”. Can cause a bit of psychosis

Like I knew a lot about hip hop

But no one at my school in my grade outside a few listened to hip hop growing up.

I was “expected” to like rock music mostly or something

As wrong as that may sound

So in a way the quote resonated with me…

But that was more a result of bullying and stuff like that

Being shy and timid and not confident didn’t help my cause either.

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My mind was too overloaded with thoughts/feelings/action caused my mental breakdown in the year 2000

I don’t think so, cuz the brain does a lot of forgetting, it’s supposed to.

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Any proof for that?

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There was too much info for my mind to process

which lead to a my snap

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But do you think a healthy/normie mind would be more capable to process that overload more easily? I think maybe a healthy person wouldn’t let it reach that point. For me personally, I know I wasn’t very good at processing emotions, so I got overloaded more easily.

Yes …!

The answer is ME…!

I am the proof

Annecdotal evidence doesn’t count. Can you present anything that has been peer reviewed by the scientific or medical community?

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I class myself as normal

A overloaded mind can lead to a breakdown for anyone given the right ingredients

Big time…!

Trail and error in my experince of life

Is what I based my findings on