Knowing makes it hard


Knowing what it is makes it even worse.

I want to be one of those that doesn’t know.

It’s still very hard not knowing but knowing adds a horrible element to it, it’s even worse then.


my granddad was a schizophrenic h8s whole life never beliving anything was wrong with him its actually worse to GENUINLEY BELIEVE the cia etc is after you than to think im schizophrenicand im being paranoid.


Yeah I consider it a gift to know and accept. It helps me use my reasoning to see past the paranoia. It helps me accept I got to take medication. And other great things. If I didn’t know I was SZ I would still be in and out and hospitals, without the chance of recovery.


Old granddad was on to something bro.

See, some of us say this or that, cia, aliens, implants, WITCHES, alot of us say alot of different things. But in my experience there are those that can do strange things to your minds and they have shown me this.

I would have loved to believe it was just a disease. But they showed me in several different ways, they physically harmed me three times, they make me look at the same times on the clock repeatedly, what appeared to be beings began to appear, voices have said things only something with a conscious cause could know and say.

All sorts of stuff.

And then there was the witch at the bar who made me visually hallucinate with his scientifically explainable “magic”. I wouldn’t have known otherwise had he not yelled in my face “im a black witch!” after causing the hallucination.

Just saying. Your granddad is on to something in knowing it is someone doing it.


no he had a terrible life people don’t liketo be a round a totally delusional person its exhausting and his wife left him and then he got alziemers so was a paranoid schizophrenic thinking people were coming into his house to steal while he was asleep
I can say jeez I thought the neighbours were having a conference about me lastnight haha im so kooky etc


Delusional eh?

They can do that.

Thought, perception, belief, it’s all in the mind. Any thought at all can be put in there.

Any thought at all really.


my da got him to a shrink once he got him in the office then my granddad said I can tell a policeman in disguise when I see one you know he really believed that.


Yeah, he was naturally paranoid from what was happening to him, fear levels reach an all time high.

see, in my experience they show you a few things and your mind wonders in different situations, such as the one you are talking about.

But i can attest they were placing delusions in my mind, the mind is a computer and can be tampered with.

I suppose none will really know. Not until it’s time.


what you are saying doesn’t make sense.


Im just trying to explain schizophrenia and some of the things that happen.

They can induce delusions and extreme paranoia and fear in us.