Knowing doctors in civilian life

Big Trouble. The Jekyl and Hyde story is no joke. We are talking about sociopathic people.

You had a bad experience with a doctor?

More than once with more than one doctor.

Do you have a good doctor now?

I lived across the street from a local Doctor that should never have practiced on people, his wife was a nurse as was the daughter. We had to pick him up several times in the morning off the sidewalk because he had too much to drink.
They gave me the creeps.

What’s a good doctor? It’s up to us, anyway.

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A good doctor shows authentic caring…IMHO. My pdoc was like that, but she just retired, because she’s in her eighties.

sorry your pdoc retired and i hope you find another one that cares just as much…

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I’m stealing IMHO from you and using it everywhere.

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