Know your friends


Sometimes people are funny. For example, now some people pretend to be ‘a family’ of my father, but when my father had some tough times many years ago and he almost went to the prison, these people just said ‘something like this has never happened in their family’ and they did not do any good for him at that time, it was only me, his son, who stood by him during his serious legal troubles and I got him out of the prison and he got just a 30-day probation. Things were done what others might not be able to imagine. Your real friends are known only when your troubles are greatest. Those fake friends run away, when your troubles are greatest, because they just try to benefit at your expense.


How very true. Our family lost a lot a friends over the years during the many things that have happened to it. The few that are still around are more dear for the fact that they are still here.