Know anything about blood pressure

I’m seeing a new PCP. My blood pressure was 148/77, and I asked the new PCP to adjust my blood pressure medication. He just said my BP was fine. I had been going to the medical school for treatment, and my treatment plan goal is for my BP to be 130/80 or less. I’m going to find another new PCP because I think my med should be adjusted. What do you think about all this?

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Also I have diabetes and it’s important for my eyes that. BP and blood sugar be under control.

Last time I visited my family doctor, my blood pressure was like 142 over ?

He didn’t adjust my meds either so maybe this is normal.

The second number is good, it should be around 80. The first is kinda high when it should be 120.

I’ve been put on BP meds and my reading was about 140… but that was after several measurements over a few month period.

ask about gentle exercise such as walking. exercise can reduce blood pressure.

Fun fact: Athletes have very lowest BP of all.

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