Knott’s Berry Farm Opens Stigmatizing Ride: LA Times Gushes About It: Shame On Both

Corny and over used horror concepts…

I don’t care if Michael Myers is an escaped mental patient – the first Halloween film is still a classic.

okay guys stop pretending abandoned insane asylums aren’t haunted

I played a horror survival game I think it was the evil within…you start in an insane asylum…but it went super natural really quick…I hope the Normie’s arnt looking at these devil powered super beings and drawing parallels to mi suffers…

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This is absolutely despicable

Is that the game where you can change into a monster?

The main character is a detective in a sort of simulated reality that is being built by the mind of a psychopath. No changing into anything. :neutral_face:

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Yea its kinda like a resident evil game…

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Im not offended, I like scary stories and occult horror stuff. For me psychosis is like a nightmare so this is realistic to me.

Not really offended but at the same time I wish that people could know that there are all types of people who are schizophrenic.

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Chemotherapy was a nightmare for my mom, and scary for all of us. How about a fun cancer ride where you go through diagnosis and treatment for terminal cancer? :flushed: It’s broadly accepted to diminish the humanity and suffering of those with MI, but history shows that broad acceptance is not an indicator of something being ok.

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Good point!

Dudes c’mon they strap you into a wheelchair and wheel you into an insane asylum, where you meet the crazy caretaker. How many times have we been in the exact same predicament. The wheelchair ride is the most embarrassing part. They have gone too far. I can’t protest this fast enough.