Knock to the confidence

For the past two years I have worked two mornings a week at a local charity shop
Sometimes I get anxious and can’t get the words out
On Wednesday a woman came in with a donation. I immediately asked her can she do gift aid
She said what is gift aid and I had trouble explaining but I said it wrong cost her anything it just lets us get money from government and she got irate
She said "you are acting like there is a problem I don’t want to do gift aid
So I said I have to ask everyone
As she was leaving she shouted at me she said "you have not even said thank you
She said "your customer service skills are terrible you are terrible. Is there a manager here
I said yes he is upstairs so she said "I will ring him later

Screw her! She sounds like a very crabby person. Don’t let her bring you down.

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She sounds like an awful person.

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I would’ve said back to her, “I’m about to donate half of my a$$ into your face!”