Klonopin makes me nasty

Went out to a nice restaurant, service was awful because I can’t get away from my past and the restaurant managers are people I used to know, so they didn’t even serve us bread with dinner. Just want to get out of this crappy town. I felt like cursing out every person in there and the people next to my bf and I were talking about me and instigating my conversation, repeating stuff to their dinner party of what my boyfriend and I were talking about. As if they were better than us. Can’t even have any fricken privacy or a nice dinner. I’m listening to music but this Klonopin is making me ■■■■■■■ nasty. I took it in the middle of the day like my pdoc said but it’s temporary, the feeling of sanity. Can’t even draw a ■■■■■■■ picture. I want my ■■■■■■■ mind back.

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hope youre doing okay. maybe a med change is needed?

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i was taking anti-depressants before and they made me pretty edgy

I don’t know, I have plans to go with my aunt tomorrow. Can’t go to the pdoc to get a med change tomorrow. I feel like scratching the heck out of my arm just to release the edge, I’ve done it before

have you tried running at all with music? your serotonin is probably really low…sunlight/SAD lamp would also help

No, ok. That is a good suggestion. I usually workout in the morning, but I will do a 45 min workout in the house now. Then I will build up myself tomorrow to run. I usually walk, but I will run


thats awesome! yea its probably just a case of the “winter blues”…theres less sun and activity in the winter. honestly the difference between days when i work out and dont is really like night and day. kinda inspired me to work out now too.

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are you a guy or a girl btw. A/S/L ?

Awesome! Ha. Girl. Don’t feel comfortable giving out that info

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lol ok cool j.w. its kinda weird not knowing who youre talking to

hope youre doing better now. gonna go do some calisthenics

Ok, I’m going to workout now

Your nastiness just means you are in an environment where you got hurt and it makes you mad that you got hurt. It makes perfect sense.


I’m on a steroid to make myself more masculine. It just may be making me a bit aggressive.


more masculine? is this doctor prescribed or did you just do it yourself?

Sorry, Kevon. Sounds like you are in a hurry to judge me.

no not really. i was just gonna say that i dont see how steriods can make anyone more masculine?

Testosterone is a Steroid. I gives one larger biceps and a smaller waist. It makes one’s facial hair grow too.

This thread says klonopin taken to make desirable changes in one’s behavior might have some other effects that the ones promoted.

I took testosterone, and I may be more aggressive.

Usually klonopin should have the opposite effect, and make you feel more relaxed. But sometimes when I take it it just makes me super tired, and irritable. So I can understand that.

That’s probably what happened. Im not taking it in the day anymore