Klonopin hangover or addiction?

Feeling more anxious, irritable, a bit of muscle soreness, decreased appetite.
This is after a couple of days of using Klonopin.

Am I hooked already?

Or is this just a hangover from days of using?

It’s hard to tell but either way I don’t feel so good.



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Even heroin takes at least 10 times to be physically addictive, so chances are not hooked.

It does take a toll on the body though, so get out early if you can if you can feel it.

I was on procyclidine for awhile and didn’t have any problem giving it up, but that is just me. Others have real problems with it.

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No I’m not giving it up.
I’m taking low doses in a as needed basis.
Maybe it’s a hangover effect.

Thanks @labratmat
I’ll survive.

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I take 1mg of Klonopin a day, with no side effects. :butterfly::butterfly::butterfly:

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Maybe because I’m not taking it everyday.
Just on as a PRN

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I feel sick.
Some diarrhea, some dizziness, a little bit of weakness.
WTF… I took Klonopin throughout the weeks, but I’ve increased the dose 2 days ago.

I took the increased dose for 2 days in a row.

Today I did not take any and I feel sick.

I feel like you are either sick, unrelated to the klonopin or you have klonopin hangover.

If I take just one extra klonopin,

The next day I have a severe hangover.

It can last up to two days.

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could be rebound anxiety. it takes like minimum 10 days of klonopin use to get any kind of withdrawal. even if you take it every two or three days it could still be in your system. klonopin has a long half life i wouldnt take it more than once a week at most. im a super slow metabolizer so it took me two weeks to get bad withdrawal, but the mental effects of the withdrawal lasted over a year and I was more unstable than I was during psychosis. i took it twice a week with one week where i took it everyday or every other day then once the withdrawal start it i took it everyday for a little over a week thinking it would fix it.

most people dont have a problem with it but i became dependent without even knowing how much damage that can do and now id never take a benzo again. It was weird because I didn’t even think it was that effective and was not addicted but just took it to help the tardive dyskinesia (its one of the few meds that helps it) and anxiety


Klonopin is saving my life.

Thanks @anon54386108 and @cigarino

I think it’s a hangover @anon54386108

You are right.

Thanks again for your help.

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