Klonopin 15

My doctor just put me on klonopin. I don’t take it every day but does anyone know how long it takes to become physically addicted to it?


Not sure. I take 1.5mg a day. :bird::bird::bird:

It can happen within a few days to weeks

I took some Klonopin earlier today.
Good stuff.
Keeps me in control.

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I take 1.5mg daily and have for years.

I miss Klonopin. It helped my sleep. I miss it. I took a low dose 0.5mg.

Just take it as prescribed. If you don’t want to be on it maybe tell your doctor and they can take you off it? I took it for a year I wasn’t addicted I didn’t even think it did anything I took 1 mg everyday.

Thank you all 15

Pretty fast.

Benzos stay in your system 4 a long time.



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