Klonipin withdrawals causing voices

I’m on invega sustenna. 1 mg of klonipin daily. And 15 mg of buspar 3 times daily. Getting off of klonipin causes my voices to increase. Anyone else have this issue or know why? And tips for getting off klonopin?

You could ask your psychiatrist to switch the klonopin to diazepam that way you will be able to come off it very gradually and slowly.

I have withdrawn twice from klonopin. The first had agonizing withdrawls. The second I was on 5 mg risperidone and I had no withdrawl symptoms coming off 1 mg klonopin. Invega is probably the same way, but I would come off in tiny amounts to start, I mean very tiny. Cant remember how small I cut the pill. 2 weeks in between cuts was good for me.