Kitten scared the hell out of me...friday family fiasco

I drove to see my family for our friday late thanksgiving meal and when I got there I planned on having a few beers and then I saw my kitten from my house under my car…at first I just thought they had a kitten…well, it’s not really “my” kitten because we have been slowly feeding the stray kitten in the hopes that we can eventually pet it…well, anyways, apparently the kitten had rode on my car engine all that way…I felt so bad for it…then my sister and my niece put on some heavy leather gloves and had to open the hood to grab it. it jumped down and went into the engine of my niece’s car, so they tried again raising the hood and this time my sister got ahold of it. I lifted up the carrier and they loaded the kitten into the carrier…shew !! I just left it in my car while we had dinner and dessert and they loaded me down with food and desserts and it was so good to see everybody.!


More pics of the kitten please.

I’m sorry I don’t have photo capability here. I have a “dumb phone” and I can’t send pics on it. It’s a fluffy gray kitten…really cute…there for a while when I opened up the carrier to let it back out in the yard…he kind of just looked at me for the longest time while still curled up in the towel we had put in there for it…then suddenly it jumped out and ran away to a nearby bush. too bad it’s so feral I would love to adopt it…I guess anytime I am going somewhere in my car I’ll have to look under the hood! sheesh !

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He was probably wondering when he was going to get Thanksgiving turkey leftovers. :smile_cat:


Gosh, I’m glad the engine didn’t heat up that much. I would have thought it would have.

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@chordy yes I’m afraid the kitten probably did burn his paws…sad I know.

That’s terrible, but good that you saved the kitten. I hope you enjoyed the meal with your family.

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