Kitchen in the dark

Guess I’ll be going in the kitchen in the dark when the sun goes down from now on . Strip lighting is playing up/on the way out ie it flashes and takes ages to come on fully. There is no way I can put a new tube up myself.
Tempted to contact the council but they’ll probably say it’s up to me as the tenant. The ongoing perils of having a manual tasks deficit.

I once turned the light on in our kitchen which I never do when midnight snacking, and looked down on the linoleum to see a 3" fat slug oooozing it’s way across my path…eeew.

I vote for one of those motion detector lights with adhesive on the back. You just peel the backing off, and slap it wherever you need light. You can get them online and not too expensive.

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Perhaps ask another tenant in your flat for help installing the new bulb?


I moved the bedside lamp into the kitchen as I don’t use it much in the bedroom. I can always move it to and fro as required.

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But this will be an ongoing distraction. Do you have to pay for and pick up the new bulb yourself? Or will the Owners provide you with a new one, which they’ll want you to install yourself?

I think i would have to pay for and install it myself. Last time the befriender I had at the time helped put up the new one.

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Maybe buy one of those little lamps that you can attach to stuff, we have one of those, it’s handy. And they’re usually cheap.

I’ve bought those stick on lights before. They didn’t work that well for me. Didn’t give off a good light.

@Minnii Looks good but I couldn’t attach one of this. Would be way beyond my skills grade.

Oh okay then. A candle maybe?

Haven’t use candles for many years. Had some of those Yankee candles at one point but gave a whole bunch of them away.

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