Kindle Fire compatibility

I know there was a question about this before.

“Kindle compatibility with Schizophrenia Forums?”

But that was an older version of the forum software.

I’m trying to use my Kindle Fire to access the forum. When I get to the page, it’s just a blank page, except for the advertisement at the top of the page.

Is the new software non-compatible with Kindle? Or am I missing something?

Your help will be greatly appreciated!



Does Kindle’s browser accept Javascript? If not you may have issues. This site uses a lot of javascript.

Maybe try this:

In the Web browser click on the Menu icon (the ladder at the bottom center of the screen), then click Settings. You have to scroll the settings screen up a bit to see the “Enable JavaScript” checkbox, but it is there.

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The Kindle is based on Android OS I believe - so should not be a problem. But as is mentioned - definitely need to have javascript turned on.

Ah yes - the Kindle uses a customized version of the Google Android OS - so will definitely work:

I’ve enabled JavaScript and have the same result. I must be missing something else. I tried switching to mobile settings and the mobile page said that my “browser is too old for Discourse Forum.”

Still confused lol. But thanks for your help!



Are you able to use another browser?

Try downloading google chrome if you can

How old is your Kindle Fire? Is it possible to upgrade your web browser to something newer - either a new version of the browser you have installed on the Fire, or something completely new like Chrome:

After trying several different browsers that didn’t work-I finally found firefox. Works perfectly now!

Thanks for your help @sasha and @SzAdmin!




Glad you figured it out.

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