Kindle compatibility with Schizophrenia Forums?


Does anyone use a kindle with this site? I’m thinking about getting one + would like to know if it works here.



The Kindle Fire will work with this site - its Android based (Google’s operating system).

But - the regular black and white kindle (the cheapest version) is probably very limited. It doesn’t have very good web browsing abilities with its black and white “paper-like” screen.


that is the kindle i have… the HDX 7"…i don’t have the 4g so if i am out somewhere without Wi-Fi i can’t surf but if i am at home or at McDonalds i can surf…

i love McDonalds Egg White Delights…but on a bagel instead of the McMuffin and with no canadian bacon and with an extra slice of white cheddar… soooooo good!

i generally don’t go in though…i go through the drive-thru

hugs to all


i don’t think the regular Kindle surfs at all… the black and white one… that doesn’t even light up when you read…

hugs to all


Sending this from my Nook.


I eat the egg mc muffin without the bacon. I take the bacon off myself instead of order without because it seems to leave a faint taste of the meat on the bread. I have to walk, so I’m lucky if I get there for breakfast. Sometimes the have a few sandwiches left over if you ask. Wash it down with a large diet coke. I immediately sit down + eat.


kindle fire works for this site. i have the 7hd 8gb it is 150 with tax here in the states and it works fine.


Thanks. Your replies were very helpful.


i don’t like mine to taste like meat (my McDonalds sandwiches) because i am a vegetarian… so that just grosses me out… like if they accidently put meat on it and then take it off and you can still taste it… blech…